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These will be the lamest 'edgy' Halloween costumes of 2017

Data reveals Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen and Hugh Hefner to be among 2017's most potentially offensive halloween costume ideas

'Harvey Weinstein in a bathrobe' or worse - will be this Halloween's most offensive 'edgy' costume, according to shopping data compiled by fashion discovery website Style Compare.

The fashion research team noticed a spike in searches over the weekend, starting on the evening of Friday 20th October, for the disgraced mogul.

Kevin Spacey Halloween Costume search data
Searches for Kevin Spacey costumes spiked as news of his alleged sexual harassment broke.

Harvey Weinstein bathrobe Halloween Costume search data
Hourly search patterns for 'Harvey Weinstein bathrobe' performed on the evening of Friday October 20th. Google search data recorded over the 24-hour period from Friday 20th October - Saturday 21st October.

Researchers at the London fashion startup have been monitoring Google shopping, Google search and social media data to analyse fashion buying trends and have recorded a spike in costume-related searches for Harvey Weinstein and loungewear, among other 'bad taste' public figures.

Harvey Weinstein costume search data
Data shows a spike in search for 'Harvey Weinstein costume' that begins on October 9th and appears to trend up until October 21st, when the data was captured.

The study team also noted high levels of interest in other potentially offensive costume ideas such as recently deceased celebrities and controversial public figures.

Alarmingly, the data revealed that web users actively search for offensive costume ideas, with "offensive Halloween costumes" spiking on October 19th.

Offensive Halloween Costumes Search Data
Google data shows a spike in searches for 'offensive halloween costume ideas' on October 19th, less than two weeks before Halloween.

According to the data, most people started planning their costume around 13th August this year.

Halloween Costume Ideas Search Data

Recently deceased celebrities including Chester Bennington, Tom Petty and Hugh Hefner are all likely to inspire tasteless 'edgy costume' ideas this year, suggests the data.

Tom Petty Costume Search Data
"Tom Petty Costume" - search peaked hours after the singer was reported to have died.

Chester Bennington Costume Search Data
"Chester Bennington costume" - search peaks intermittently in the run-up to Halloween

Chester Bennington Costume Search Data
"Chris Cornell costume" - searches performed in the seven days prior to October 22nd.

Hugh Hefner Costume Search Data
Playboy Bunny Costume Search Data
Searches for "Playboy bunny costume" and 'Hugh Hefner style robe" peaked immediately after the death of the Playboy Magazine founder.

According to the data, most people started planning their costume around 13th August this year.

One positive trend the research team noted was that Google Shopping data revealed interest in costumes that are deemed offensive to certain marginalised cultures, such as native American dresses and geisha costumes, has dropped significantly.

For example, search for 'Pocahontas' 'Geisha' and 'Native American' costumes has almost halved since 2015.

Cultural Appropriation Costume Search Data
Woody Allen Costume Search Data
Interest in Woody Allen costumes spiked immediately after he made controversial comments in support of Harvey Weinstein.

Woody Allen Daughter Costume Search Data
Search interest in 'Woody Allen's daughter' Dylan Farrow, who Allen is alleged to have abused, also spiked at this time.

Jonny Challenger, founder of Style Compare, thinks the data reveals a lack of imagination.

"Our analysis shows that people start researching their Halloween costumes as early as August, giving them enough time to come up with something original and clever.

"The closer we get to Halloween, the more searches we see for offensive or controversial costume ideas, suggesting that people who leave it too late to come up with something interesting or original just fall back on being 'edgy', dressing up as a controversial public figure or a recently deceased celebrity.

"We're not here to tell people how to dress for Halloween, but we do recommend putting a bit of thought into your outfit so you don't have to default to 'zombie dead celebrity' or 'recently disgraced public figure' for cheap, nervous laughs from your friends. You never know who you'll be hanging out with at Halloween, so a bit of consideration for survivors of trauma is always nice."

Most controversial last minute costumes, worldwide - 2017

  • Harvey Weinstein in a bathrobe
  • Hugh Hefner and a Playboy Bunny
  • Woody Allen and daughter
  • Tom Petty
  • Chester Bennington
  • Chris Cornell

UK's most controversial last minute costumes - 2017

  • Harvey Weinstein
  • Kevin Spacey
  • Madeleine McCann
  • Jimmy Savile
  • Rolf Harris

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