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Kate Moss with Fedora HatThe transition to spring always brings a plethora of fun-to-wear styles. Flamboyant scarf wearing now you’re not having to wear for warmth; sexy sandals and cute trainers (the new Liberty print Nikes are top of our list) with floaty skirts and dresses. And the perfect accessory to add a bit of downtown cool to any outfit is the felt fedora hat.

Already we’ve seen Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing them to perfection – either as part of a smartened up city shorts and cropped jacket look a la Moss, keeping it casual with a short-sleeved cotton top and boyfriend jeans ensemble and transatlantic travel style with a short spotted summer dress and long denim jacket. (Chung as fashion forward as ever was wearing this look last summer with her now so-on-trend Supergas).

Alexa Chung with Fedora

So, not only have we found a few fedoras to add to your spring wardrobe, here are a few tips on how to get the look right.

  1. Remember looking good in a hat is all about balancing out the proportions of your face. If you are petite or have a small face you want to make sure the wide brim isn’t overpowering. Go for smaller brim if this is the case.
  2. A same-colour band on a fedora can look a bit serious so make sure the rest of your outfit is light-hearted and colourful. Or personalise your fedora by rolling up small silk scarf and tying it over the hat band.
  3. Felt fedoras usually come in black or browns so work out which colour suits you best by seeing how it reflects off your face in the light.
  4. Experiment with tilting and angling the hat, and turning the brim up and down; an up-turned brim is more casual while pulled down is more mysterious and glam.
  5. Make sure the rest of your outfit is quite feminine, unless you’re going for a very masculine look.

Rosie Hungtinton-Whiteley

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