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Did you know that more than 70% of Brits believe that the right outfit is what it takes to lure a member of the opposite sex into submission? Well, that’s what we discovered with our research into fashion and dating. And that’s not all – it turns out that more than a quarter of you will buy two or more entire outfits before heading out on the town.

Bearing this in mind, and given that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, we thought we’d would give you fashion hungry shoppers a little extra insight into the dos and don’ts of dressing for your hot date.

Women’s Big Turn Ons – The Top Five

No. 1 Good Fitting Jeans

Hurrah for good fitting jeans! Slim fit or skinnies are what women like to see you men in, so put away those slouchy boyfriend styles and smarten up with something a little more figure hugging. There are so many labels out there doing slim fits now, so off you go and make sure you find a pair that works for you – as wearing your jeans in the right way is another sure fire, if enigmatic, hit.

No. 2 Shirts

Take things up a notch and replace your favourite t-shirt with a crisp long-sleeved shirt. The check shirt still reigns supreme, having transcended indie fashion and made it into the mainstream while still retaining its edgy cool. Or why not try something in denim – but, take note, if you’re going for double denim, i.e. jeans and denim shirt, the trick to making it work is to wear contrasting washes – a darker denim on top usually works well.

No. 3 Smart Shoes

Grubby trainers just won’t cut it. You need to look the part from top to toe and that means smart shoes. Impress your date with classic 1940s style desert boots, suede brogues or even a leather loafer. If you have to be in trainers, go for a spanking new pair of vintage style plimsolls.

No. 4 Suits

There’s no denying it, a man in a well- cut, slim-fit suit instantly ups his desirability. Build doesn’t matter, it’s cut and quality. Remember, a good suit that’s well looked after will stand the test of time and you’ll be able to bring it out time and time again.

No. 5 Smart Coats

Women like their men to be well turned out and a smart coat is the perfect way to make a good impression right from the start. Coats to go for at the moment include the classic blazer, tweed jacket and traditional mac. Or if you’re a little but more rock n’ roll, dazzle the ladies in a fitted leather jacket.

Men’s Big Turn Ons – The Top Five

Good Fitting Jeans - Britain's Favourite Fashion Turn On

No. 1 Good Fitting Jeans

Like women, men’s biggest style turn on is pair of good fitting jeans. Double hurrah! With such a huge range of skinnies and slim fitting styles around, and even those specially designed to give you a pert derriere, there’s really no excuse. Spending a little extra on the right pair of denims is worth its weight in gold. Team with heels and a blazer and you’re good to go.

No. 2 Dresses

A dress combines simplicity, elegance and sophistication and with so many styles available you can easily find one to suit you – go all cool Brit girl a la Alexa Chung with a long-sleeved, high-necked mini-dress, 70s glam with a floaty print maxi or sex-kitten with something low-cut and fitted. And remember SS11 is all about bright colours so you don’t have to stay safe in black.

No. 3 High heels

A pair of killer high heels can turn even the demurest wallflower into a sophisticated man-eater. Take your pick from ankle strapped platforms and patent stilettos, or if you like something a bit more manageable, go for a pair of on trend suede peep-toe wedges. NB. Always test run a new pair of high heels or make sure you slip a pair of ballet flats into your bag for the end of the night.
High Heels

No. 4 Blazers

A blazer always adds a touch of chic to any outfit. Throw a ruche sleeved fitted blazer over a dress or skinny jeans and turn up the collar for an extra dose of girl-about-town sex appeal.

No. 5 Designer Labels

There’s just something about the way designer clothes look that always adds that extra je ne said quoi. And men, as oblivious as they can be, do seem to pick up on this. We’re not saying kit yourself out in designer bling head to toe, it’s more about choosing a key item that works for you – be that shoes, dress or bag – and then mixing and matching the rest.

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