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Kate MiddletonIn just a matter of days, Catherine Middleton will be an HRH and we’ll finally know who designed her blessed dress. After a solid month of daily ‘scoops’ on the identity of the designer, we can all rest easy in the knowledge that Bruce Oldfield/Sarah Burton/Sophie Cranston/Reiss/Insert Any Old Name Here has created the dress of the century. How exciting. And then what? Will Princess William of Wales have to step up her sartorial game for ever more, pleasing the fashion public with perfectly-composed outfits for her endless functions and tours?

Or will she be left to get on with the job in hand, comfortable but unfashionable in her beloved straight skirts and stretchy boots? My guess is that she’ll continue to be watched and judged as the press heap the pressure on her to live up to fashion icon status. ‘Experts’ will be sought to rate or slate her every ensemble while the likes of Burberry, Jaeger and M&S ply her with product to boost their own coffers (and admittedly, the economy).

Here’s the thing. Yes it would be wonderful for the country and the fashion industry if she could step up to the plate and wow us with her incredible taste. But chances are that’s not going to happen immediately and not without assistance. Wouldn’t it be nice to give her some breathing space, let her continue with her girl-next-door grace and her safe, home counties style (which the Americans actually seem to be quite fond of) and let her blossom at her own pace? And then let’s just see what happens.

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