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Maters of Style - PradaMasters of Style; Celebrating the Stories Behind Italian Fashion, is a newly opened exhibition at Somerset House, which visually documents the journey of six Italian fashion houses. In homage to Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo, Gucci, Missoni and Prada the exhibition features campaigns from their archives, illustrating how successfully each house has continually communicated their new visual ideas while also conveying their integral brand DNA and essence over the decades.

An authority on fashion and journalist supremo, Colin McDowell, was asked to curate the exhibition that coincides with the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. I’ve heard rumblings of disappointment that there were no clothes, to me, clothes on hanger or mannequin speak little volume compared to the creatively conceived, carefully planned and impeccably executed fashion campaigns. Expect to see the finest eye-catching images created by the era’s best, most sought after photographers, stylists, set designers and featuring the best models and designer fashion.

The large empty space of the Embankment Galleries is segregated by 6 individual gauze concertina’s with each housing the images of one of the six Italian brands. Take a visual journey beginning with Gucci’s stong women surrounded by besotted males, moving to the futuristic gloss of Armani’s androgynous models, then to D&G’s combination of Italian polish and Milanese tradition to the sexy kookyness of Prada and concluding with Missoni’s wholesome focus on family.

For anyone interested in the industry this exhibition offers a very interesting insight and couldn’t be more timely as the September issues featuring all the new campaigns are a mere month away!

Masters of Style: Celebrating the Stories Behind Italian Fashion is at Somerset House in the Embankment Galleries until 14th August 2011.

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