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The shock fashion news of the last month was that of Carine Roitfeld’s departure from Paris Vogue. Sacre bleu, what a blow for fashion! What would it mean for the front row? Would there be a gaping Carine-shaped hole left in the street style blogosphere? After much initial angst and brow furrowing, a sigh of relief was exhaled when Roitfeld’s successor was revealed as fellow Voguette Emmanuelle Alt. Phew, no change there then.

For a brief moment it had looked like the whole carefully-honed, scruffy-chic, Parisienne aesthetic of the last few years might come apart at its perfectly-pressed French seams. The Paris Vogue look under Carine could be reduced to the following: mussed-up hair, smoky eyes, shaggy coat, studied-unstudied sexiness and Alaia heels always. Carine followers can rest easy in the knowledge that her leggy, louche look will continue to reign under the editorship of Ms Alt. For now. But who knows, might Alt want to introduce a 2011 spin? Perhaps a touch of classic old school elegance to coincide with next season’s Yves Saint Laurent revival? Less scruffy and slouchy, more Belle Du Jour polish? How about a Roger Vivier kitten heel or a jolt of fuchsia? Nope, somehow I can’t see it either but the Balmain slouchy tees and Marant leather trousers can only have so much mileage. Let’s see how this one plays out.

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