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John Nolan

John NolanWe’ve been working hard at Style Compare to make the site even better for you – and I’m the guy who makes sure the hamsters that keep the site powered and running are fed.

Let me introduce myself; my name’s John Nolan and I’m Style Compare’s developer. Over the past few months, I’ve been rebuilding the engine that runs the site to get it working as efficiently as possible for you. A lot of the changes can’t be seen, but hopefully they can be felt by the increase in speed, easier navigation, more accurate products in categories and quicker updates to the latest products released on store sites, as well as giving you accurate info about whether an item is in stock and the correct price.

As for the future…well, we’ve got some fun in store. We will be aiming to add funky new features to our site on a weekly basis and every month or so, something a bit bigger.

Like any other website, we are by no means perfect and rely on the brilliantly useful feedback we get from our users. If you ever spot anything wrong with the site please contact us using the feedback form or via Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

Enjoy the new-look site!

John Style Compare Developer

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