It’s Not Too Late…

christmas gift ideas 2011If you’ve left your shopping until the last minute, you still have time to sort things out and buy some beautiful gifts in time for Christmas.

If you’re buying for a lady, you can still choose from a huge selection of prezzies including jewellery, sleepwear, bags, lingerie, slippers, shoes and sunglasses. Unless you know the woman in question really well (well enough to know her taste and dress size) stick to gorgeous bags and accessories, rather than clothes, to score a surefire present hit.

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Get Seasonal In Chrimbo Clothes

festive fever trend christmas 2011

Remember when you were a kid and your kind-hearted gran gave you that big, squidgy parcel to open on Christmas morning? Could it be a beautiful, sparkly party dress, or a gorgeous, cuddly teddy bear? When you ripped open the wrapping to reveal a Christmas-themed knit, tell me your heart didn’t sink…

Christmas-themed clothing used to be all kinds of naff, but this year the mega-popularity of products like Burton’s beer can Christmas tree t-shirt and Topshop’s snowman jumper have created a thriving micro-trend. Reindeer print knits are must-haves and, whether ironic or not, any fashionista worth her salt will be going to bed in snowflake PJs on Christmas night.

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Style Compare’s Christmas Treat

style compare christmas calendar win £1,000 of gifts eachForget to buy your advent calendar this year? Don’t worry! This year we’ve launched an amazing countdown of our own as a Christmas treat. Each day from the 1st until the 24th December we’ll add amazing gifts from our fantastic retailers into three giant stockings. On Christmas Day we’ll choose one lucky winner and their two chosen friends to each win a stocking, stuffed with over £1,000 worth of gifts.

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Sparkle And Shine

Spakle christmas trend aw11

At a James Bond-themed party last weekend I had no qualms about what I should wear; it had to be sequins. Eye-catching, glam, tongue-in-cheek and figure-flattering – what could be more James Bond-esque? My full-length gold maxi dress (as featured in Vogue magazine) was a snip at just £80 from River Island, and I felt a million dollars in it.

I’m not the only one having a pre-Christmas love affair with sparkles. At a music showcase on Thursday I spotted Liz McClarnon blinging-up the place in a gold sequin mini dress, Kelly Rowland rocked a silver sequin evening dress on Sunday’s X Factor show and the TOWIE cast is all sequined-up in the video for their Christmas charity single. The stars know that lashings of sparkle will get you noticed and add seasonal glamour to any occasion. Read More & View Our Sparkle And Shine Inspired Mood Boards

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